God shall supply all your need


J.C. Philpot

“And my God shall supply all your needs according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus.” [Philippians 4:19]

Until we are brought into the depths of poverty, we shall never know nor value Christ’s riches. If, then, you are a child of God, a poor and needy soul, a tempted and tried believer in Christ—God shall supply all your needs! They may be very great. It may seem to you, sometimes, as though there were not upon all the face of the earth such a wretch as you—as though there never could be a child of God in your state—so dark, so stupid, so blind and ignorant, so proud and worldly, so presumptuous and hypocritical, so continually backsliding after idols, so continually doing things that you know are hateful in God’s sight. But whatever your need be—it is not beyond the reach of divine supply! And the deeper your need, the more is Jesus glorified in supplying it.

Do not say then, that your case is too bad—your needs are too many—your perplexities too great—your temptations too powerful. No case can be too bad! No temptations can be too powerful! No sin can be too black! No perplexity can be too hard! No state in which the soul can get, is beyond the reach of the Almighty and compassionate love, that burns in the bosom of the Redeemer!

It is not little sinners that will go to heaven; little sinners can know nothing experimentally of the blood of the atonement. It is not those who can make themselves religious, that God will take any pains with: it is not those who can make a ladder and climb up the rounds of their own piety, that will reach the heavenly Canaan: but those wilt run the race and gain the prize who often feel themselves too base and too black, too filthy and too vile to be saved.

It is not those who are walking upon the stilts of their own religion, and raising themselves so many feet higher, who are accepted by him who searcheth the heart: but it is those, who have no power to walk at all, and who cannot move a single step except as God is pleased to “work in them that which is well pleasing in His sight,” who eventually will come off more than conquerors through Him that loved them, and gave Himself for them.


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