Complete 430 sermons of J.C. Philpot in epub format FREE

Dearly beloved, are you blessed with a mobile device like an iPhone or an iPad or Andriod? And are you a lover of sermons by J.C. Philpot? Good. Now you can download them and study them on your ibooks. The great advantage of having them on your ibooks is that you can access them without an Internet connection and even highlight, bookmark and take notes. I am making available all the sermons by Brother Philpot in alphabetical order. Each book contains all the sermons starting with A or B respectively, and has approximately 15 to 20 sermons in each. All 430 sermons will be available in the next few days. Download, enjoy and give God all the praise!

430 Sermons of J.C. Philpot in 22 Volumes for your electronic device like iPhone, iPad or Android. Deep Sermons which set forth the treasures and riches of J.C. Philpot in his desire to exalt the grace of God; to proclaim salvation alone through Jesus Christ; to declare the sinfulness, helplessness and hopelessness of man in a state of nature; and to describe the living experience of the children of God in their trials, temptations, sorrows, consolations and blessings!

Also contains his must read “Letter of Resignation from the Church of England”!

Download link –




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