What this Blog is about!

Dearly Beloved,

Mr. J.C. Philpot is one of whom I can confidently say, “Here is a man who knows what true religion is all about”! A man who was no stranger to the grace of God or the utter depravity of man. Few men of God have ministered to me in my darkest hours as him. Truly an anointed man with a rich knowledge of the Scriptures and a deep insight into the mysteries of the Kingdom.

This Blog only contains what I have personally gleaned from his writings and not all of his sermons and articles. You will find here the words of a man whose preaching set forth the clear distinctions between a mere profession of Christ and a true saving knowledge of Him!

Mike Jeshurun!


One thought on “What this Blog is about!

  1. dear Mike, I like anything written about God’s servant, Mr. JC Philpot, who lived 1802-1869. He was a precious gem! All his devotionals and writings are such a blessing, as it gives true christianity as it really is to the regenerated soul. If anyone wants more of this servant’s devotionals, send me an email to sovereigngrace@tiscali.co.uk and I will have great pleasure in adding you to the list. sincerely, Rosefen

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